Sunday, June 1, 2008

Signing Time and Gospel Art Kit

I want to share two things that have been helpful to me lately. The first one is Signing Time. I think we were first introduced to these videos when my son, D, had a language delay when he was two years old. In order to help him understand language, the speech therapist taught us common American Sign Language signs so D could learn to talk with us. These videos were suggested to us to help us learn more signs in a fun way.

Since then, we have worked to teach our younger children basic ASL signs as babies and toddlers to help eliminate some frustration in communication. It worked for A, who is now three years old, though she didn't use the signs for long since she started talking soon after. Now we are showing them to e, who is almost a year old now. She loves to watch the videos and it has lately been my lifesaver when she has been fussy and I need to do something else for a little while. A and D are coming up to me, too, and showing me the signs they have learned, so they are just fun ways to learn ASL signs.

The other cool thing I have to share is the Gospel Art Kit on the LDS Church website. When we are at church, I try to have the children think about Jesus during the passing of the sacrament since that is when we, in part, remember Jesus' sacrifice for us as part of the service. D was having a hard time during the sacrament today and I had the thought that maybe I could put pictures of Jesus on my Pocket PC so he could look at them during that time. I went to the church website and found that I could put the pictures on my Pocket PC and I can show them in a slide show. I hope it will help.

You can use the images for incidental, noncommercial church or home purposes with the exception of Web site use, so that will work for my purposes. Here is the usage rights, so if you want to use them, you can follow their copyright guidelines. So very cool, at least I think so.


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