Thursday, June 5, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours?

Do you ever have those times where everything seems to happen all at once? There are times when it seems that way to me and my husband would then point out that the number of events is Poisson distributed because the events are independent of each other and not linked in any way. That means, as I understand it, that fate has not turned on you, it just means that is how it happens sometimes. :)

Well, events in my life the last few days are experiencing this phenomenon. :) I've had a specific problem with my back in the past and did physical therapy to help it. I admit that I haven't been as consistent at the exercises as I should be, though I've been working on trying to fit it into my routine again. Well, now I'll have to fit the exercises into my routine because on Sunday, my back started hurting again in a different spot. I couldn't figure how I'd hurt it, but when it started to keep me from sleeping on Tuesday morning, I decided to go to urgent care. After an exam and five x-rays, the doctor determined that it correlates with some other problems I've been having (intermittent numbness in my 4th and 5th fingers and the previous back pain) and brought it all into a diagnosis of a certain syndrome. (If you want to know the details, click here.) It's a very mild form of it, and I've been referred to physical therapy again. The doctor said I shouldn't have to go too many times.

To add to my doctor visits, yesterday I was trying to adjust the frames on my glasses. One earpiece (Does anyone know what they are really called?) got bent backwards a while ago, but it was okay. However, as I tried to adjust it yesterday morning, it snapped off and I can't fix it. Since my prescription is over a year old, I will have to have an eye appointment in order to get new glasses.

Money, money, money, by the pound. :)

Now, since we're seeking the positive here, let me tell what is positive about all of this.

Good things about my back problems:
  1. I have a single diagnosis that explains this and all of my previous medical problems.
  2. It is very treatable and it involves things I already enjoy doing, which are exercising, trying to have good posture, and getting enough sleep. (Side note: Did you know that researchers have found that getting adequate sleep is important to recovering from back pain? That's what the doctor told me.)
  3. Because I have to go to the physical therapist, I have extra incentive to find the time to exercise since external motivation works well for me.
  4. My whole doctor visit with x-rays will cost $15. (Hooray for our student health plan.)
  5. I got two hours by myself to do physical therapy this morning.
Good things about my broken glasses:
  1. I can still wear them taped together and it's not uncomfortable.
  2. Clear packing tape is working well to hold the ear piece to the rest of the frame and it doesn't look too tacky. :)
  3. I get new glasses. (Hmm, maybe I'll go rimless...)
  4. We have the funds to pay for it.
Moral: When inconvenient things happen all at once, it is still possible to find the positive aspects of it. It all depends on your point of view.


Soaring Eagle said...

You are so good at seeing the silver lining in a black cloud!

: ) Shannon

E said...

Thanks. :) I like your blog, by the way. Are you all settled in your new area?