Friday, August 29, 2008

Traveling Without My Husband

A couple of weeks ago, I had the thought to ask my husband if it would help him finish his master's thesis if I were to take the children and myself to visit my parents in another state. He thought about it and said it would, so within four days of that suggestion, I was on the road with our four children.

I am extremely grateful that we have family along the way who have been willing to let us stay with them and that the cousins are glad to play with each other. It also helps since I'm the only driver and having a place to stop means I only have to drive 4-6 hours a day instead of the whole 11-13 hours, not including stops. I'm also grateful for my parents who let us stay with them at the last minute.

We head back home in a couple of days and my main motivation will be to see my husband. We all miss him. I've learned how much I depend on his help with our children, especially at bedtime and when A has a hard time. I'm glad that God designed the family to have a mother and a father so that they could work together to raise their children and I've just grown to appreciate it more these last few days. Hooray for families!


Lee-Ruth-Clark-Cal-Shanna-Haley said...

It's fun seeing your blog! Hope your trip was good. I definitely know what you mean by relying on your husband's help! Lee has been gone for a month, was home last weekend and will be gone for another month. I am looking forward to him being done with his training that he is doing right now for the army!

E said...

Thanks. I've been following your blog, too, and I'm glad he could visit. Luckily you have some family around, too. Still, it's not quite the same. Hope it continues to go well.